Our story

The story of 3 friends who quit their corporate functions to build their dream job !
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  • Why not changing the world ?

    June 2014

    Robin and Maxime started working together at Accenture, a large consultant company. 8 months later they took part as a team part to an innovation contest among the Accenture employees : the most innovative startup concept won the price. They won the contest among 150+ startup projects. The project was not the actual one but the basic principles were all there : supporting NGOs by a co-creation effort between companies and customers.

    Robin and Maxime wearing a costume (a sign of the past) to present their ideas on the final of the Accenture contest.

  • Creation of a team !

    October 2014

    Robin and Maxime left Accenture and are joined by Thomas, an old friend, who was the last missing piece to turn a dream into reality.

    Rare pictures of this epic team... They share a lot of enthusiasm and strong values. They also like coffee, Age of Empire and spending time together.

  • Looking for the perfect recipe


    The team works closely together with WeForest (an amazing NGO active in reforestation program) to develop a solution to engage the customers of the WeForest donors.

    The team with one of its engagement tool in June 2015.

  • The solidarity tablet

    January 2016

    We have our solution ! A tablet on which the customers can choose the NGO that the company will support. A beta-version is put in the first shop in January 2016. A couple of months later, almost 30 shops have already their Creo2 tablet !

    A collector version of the Creo2 application in one of our first shop.

  • Spreading the positive vibe !

    June 2016

    The 3 founders have a wonderful tool but no more money after looking for 1,5 years for the right solution. A crowdfunding campaign allowed the team to gather 300 000€ with more than 170 investors ! A wonderful success. This allows us to continue this incredible journey.

    The 3 dreamers at the launching event of the crowdfunding campaign.

  • A success story

    December 2016

    Creo2 offers its service internationally in more 100+ shops and supports this way wonderful projects.

    Creo² shops everywhere! Find what you need in a Creo² store.

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Our Values

Creo² is a social business. All our activities are based on 6 principles, inspired from Nobel Prize Yunnus' Principles of Social Business.
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Our 6 social business principles

Inspired by Nobel Prize Yunnus’ principles of Social Business

Principle 1: Social Impact above all

Creo² n°1 objective is to address social or ecological issues.

We consider the impact that Creo² has on people and the environment as the primary indicator of our success.

Principle 3: Keep salaries reasonable

Creo² has safeguards to avoid excessive salaries.

Creo² takes care of its workforce: good working conditions, a good work-life balance and decent salaries are necessary. However, those salaries should not be excessive, especially for management. That’s why we put both a relative and an absolute limit on the salaries:
  • The ¼ ratio: the highest salary within Creo² cannot exceed 4 times the lowest one.
  • Max €70,000: a study from Princeton University shows that happiness does not increase anymore at an income higher than $75,000 per year. That’s why Creo² chose this threshold as a maximal salary within the company. Note that this maximum would only be justified if Creo² proves to have a tremendous positive impact. Currently, management’s bruto salary is set at: €1900 per month.

Principle 5: Who we work with

We want an ethical agreement.

Creo² aims to stimulate the company we work with. Creo² works with local stores and with larger companies that agree and sign our ethic convention. We'll never work with the oil, tobacco or weapon industry, or with any company not compliant with human rights.

Principle 6: Have Fun

Making this world a better place is what we enjoy.

The essence of social business is not about limiting things, but about maximizing our social impact. That’s rewarding, that’s motivating and that’s extremely fun. This is the spirit we want to keep in everything we do.

Principle 2: Financial Sustainability

Creo² also aims to be financially self-sustainable.

That is, we do not want to depend on donations or subsidies to achieve our social goal. Self-sustainability is one of the features that makes us different from an NGO and rather categorizes us as a company.

Principle 4: Keep profits afloat

Creo² reinvests in its growth and in social impact.

Most of Creo²’s profit will be reinvested in Creo²'s growth, innovations to increase our societal impact, or directly funded to NGOs. Does that mean that our investors cannot expect return? No. Our investors are part of the equation to make our model work. Without them, there is no positive impact. So we want to reward them.

How do we do that?
  • In case a dividend is issued, this will be up to maximum 6% for the early investors in our first 3 years, and 4% after that.
  • Similarly to other startups, the essence of our financial value does not come from the dividends but from the assets we are building: the network of shops joining us, our growing community of users and the unique product we put on the market. We believe our investors can get a significant capital gain for this without reducing Creo²’s ability to have a positive impact.

Meet the team

We're a bunch of passionate idealists building the CSR tool of tomorrow
Robin Dierckx
Co-founder, Finance
+32 496 65 52 76
Maxime van Steenberghe
Co-founder, Operations
+32 495 32 26 03
Thomas Vanesse
Co-founder, Tech
+32 479 24 74 45
Ingrid Smets
Business Development
Véronique Latour d'Agrain
Business Development
Laure Bouillon
Marketing Manager

With the help of those pioneers who transformed a dream into a reality
Anne Di Silvestro
Mégane Piedfort
Ludovic Sibiude
Pierre van Steenberghe
Benoit De Toffol